Monday, 16 May 2011

Hellcats Face Effects of Strep-Throat Epidemic!

Can you imagine Hellcats’ finale without a twist? If not, then you’re absolutely right, because Lancer University’s victory is in danger. Stay tuned to get foresight for the soul! 

A performer cannot perform well, if he or she is unfit. Similarly, in the University, lots of students will be caught by strep throat plague. I’m sure the opponents have not done anything this time, but a new challenge will emerge in the form of a strep-throat epidemic. What is victory without challenges? So, ahead guys, may you win!


This plague will have an effect on the strength of the cheerleading team. At National level, this kind of misfortune can give disastrous results. Will the remaining members be able to fight with this menace? This can put the team on the verge of disqualification. I think their previous performances will play an important role in saving them.

Hellcats season 1 has been breathing its last breath, but it will leave all of us with a few interesting queries and memorable moments. So, get a Hellcats episode 22 download to treasure this highly engrossing segment! 

The sub-plot of the finale will be centered on Marti and Deidre, who will face a huge twist in their relationship. Their discovery will bring a dramatic change in their lives. They’ll be shocked, once they get to know that they are related to each other. 

It is difficult for Marti to take Deidre as her half-sister. They shouldn’t be dissatisfied with their present state, because they simply cannot change it. So, enjoy your present and explore your world girls! 

The concluding segment is packed with a few surprises as well as shocks. So, fasten your seatbelts, because lots of guest appearances are promised in the finale! 


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