Saturday, 30 April 2011

Watch Hellcats Episode 20 Online To Enjoy the Performances of the Warped Sister!

Hey guys!

Come what may, the cheerleading continues! But if the cheery outlook of the cheerleaders leads you into believing that all is hunky-dory, well, then catch the upcoming installment. You’ll witness some real issues and problems that continue to confront our brave protagonist, who despite all the troubles, continues to cheerlead!

So, watch Hellcats episode 20 online to see the efforts that Marti Perkins is making in order to escape the tyranny of her daily life in Memphis. Eager to emerge from the shadows of her rather immature mother, Marti joins the legendary team, so that she can join the law school!

However, things have a way of going awry, and that’s what again comes to the fore in this episode. The upcoming installment has Aly Michalka’s real life sister, A J make an appearance as Dierdre, the mysterious record store owner. The two perform some fascinating duets like Bob Dylan’s ‘Mississippi’, and Dan Bern’s ‘My Refrigerator Broke Down’!

The installment sees Marti go even deeper in her search of her family secrets, resulting in the formation of an uncommon bond with Dierdre. Meanwhile, Nasty Kathy and Savannah develop differences over the best way to prepare for Charlotte’s baby shower!

But this isn’t the end to Savannah woes, as she later gets into trouble at school, with mommy and daddy to the rescue!

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